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Kitchen Equipment That Your Home Bar Can’t Do Without


More than the norm.

Sure you may know about the shaker, the wine key, and the bottle opener. All of those are must-haves for a bar. But there is kitchen equipment out there that you may not have considered that’ll help make, if not a better drink, at least a greater variety of them. They all open up a lot more opportunity in that bar recipe book you’ve got sitting there. Here are seven that you’ll find extremely helpful to have ready at hand when mixing tasty cocktails for friends and family.

A Mortar And Pestle

A must for crushing, and crushingly cool to look at too. 

You use a mortar and pestle in a home bar scenario for the exact same reasons as you do in a kitchen: to crush fresh spices, nuts, and other foods that accent a dish. It just happens to be the dish is a cocktail in the home bar. There’s nothing better than using fresh crushed ingredients in a drink. It really enhances the flavors of the ingredients, bringing a good drink to the level of great and beyond. And a mortar and pestle look downright cool to be honest. A home bar with a set sitting at the ready looks like it means serious cocktail business.

A Bar Blender

A tiki bar must, but essential for any home bar that means business. 

There is no getting around certain pieces of kitchen equipment. You can’t makeshift a blender. If you’ve created a tiki bar or you’re simply looking to add a level of tropical flare to your drink capabilities, then a quality bar blender will need to be at hand. It’s the staple for making frozen margaritas, daiquiris, and piña coladas, just to name a few. And a bar blender also makes a great smoothie maker for when you’re looking at non-alcoholic alternatives to impress your guests.

A Citrus Zester

Makes your life a whole lot easier. 

A zester is a must in the same way a mortar and pestle is a must. Certain bar drink recipes call for zest of lemon, lime, or orange quite often. You’ll need a kitchen tool that’ll allow you to do this fast and safely. Zesting with a sharp paring knife can be done, but it’s a much safer and faster choice to invest in a quality citrus zester. They are inexpensive and quick to use. And when you’re using fresh zest, you’ll drinks will definitely respond in flavor.

An Espresso Maker Or Coffee Machine

To add popular coffee cocktails and drinks to your bar recipe book. 

You may already have a coffee machine or espresso maker in your kitchen, so why invest in one again for your home bar? Convenience for one. Coffee cocktails are very popular, especially during the fall and winter months. If you’re looking for a home bar that can operate on its own at a party, you’ll be very happy to have a coffee maker at the ready instead of running back and forth from the game room (or wherever your home bar is) to the kitchen every few minutes. Plus, fresh espresso is an excellent non-alcoholic bar drink option for those at your gathering who don’t drink alcohol.

A Cutting Board Set

Quality cocktails mean a lot of citrus cutting. 

Never overlook the importance of having a few good cutting boards at the ready. Certain drinks, like mojitos, take a whole bunch of fruit to make. If you’re planning to test your tiki bar, you’ll be in need of a ton of cut citrus. To be honest, many mixed drinks typically have a citrus garnish and that means cutting. Buying a cutting board set that’s dedicated to your home bar needs is the way to go. This way you know that they are always at the ready. And you know that the boards at hand have only been used for citrus cutting in the past. That’s an important peace of mind when thinking about the health of your party guests.

A Chef’s Knife

A must for cutting through thicker fruit rinds. 

Arguably the most important piece of kitchen equipment in the kitchen. It’s also extremely important in the home bar. You can choose a sharp paring knife instead of a chef’s knife if all you are doing is basic lemon and lime cutting. But if you’re mixing drinks with more robust fruit and vegetable needs – like fresh pineapple and celery – you’ll be happy to have a full-sized chef’s knife there for you. It can really speed up your bar prep. Just be careful with the sharp blade.

A Juice Press

Take your flavors to a whole other level. 

Perhaps our favorite piece of kitchen equipment for a home bar. If you love fresh juices and creating unique mixes from them, then experimenting with fresh juices in the home bar is right up your alley. Again, fresh is where it’s at in mixology. A mixed drink with an orange juice base tastes mighty different with freshly pressed juice vs. something from a box. You can also make your own freshly pressed lime juice to use throughout a wide variety of bar recipes that call for lime juice. It’s a much better alternative than something bottled, and it shows that you are serious about making top-of-the-line cocktails.

Stock Up That Home Bar

It may seem redundant to duplicate some of the kitchen equipment you have sitting around your home for use solely at your home bar. But once you start thinking about your home bar as another kitchen all together, you’ll definitely see the value. You are making amazing things there just like you are in the kitchen. It deserves its own set of bar tools that help you become better and more creative with your mixology. When you are set up, you’ll be amazed at the things you can make.

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