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Speed Racks For The Home Bar: What To Look For


Speed racks give your home bar that pro touch.

You’ve put in the time, finances, and energy to build up a real real bar in your home space – one with seating and a bartender work area. What’s next? Bringing the pro tools to the table, and there are few more pro than speed racks. They make serving drinks easier, and they give a home bar a professional appeal. What should you consider before buying? Are there things to look out for that could create issues behind your bar space?

We cover it below, plus we give a few strong contenders for use in your space to give it that pro look.

speed racks


What is a speed rack?

On a busy night, how many drinks do you think a bartender pours? Hundreds. Speed racks (also called speed rails) help make the entire process more efficient by keeping the most popular bottles close at hand. There’s typically a well speed rack (with generic brands), as well as a speed rack holding the most common call brands for the locale. For speed, a typical speed rack set-up will align the liquor types as follows: vodka, gin, rum, tequila. This is to allow movement habits to form behind the bar, speeding up orders.

What should you look out for when considering speed racks for a home bar?

Consider the build quality.

There are many speed racks on the market, and some are not built to professional standards. Look for a speed rail that’s built to last. Opt for commercial grade whenever you can. These are typically built to look and last for a long time. Online reviews are a terrific place to tell the build quality, especially reviews from bar professionals.

Think about whether a single or double speed rack will work best for your space.

Single speed racks are slim, one-rail racks, while double speed racks stack two speed racks on top of each other. If you have a bar short on length, but deep in width, a double speed rack could work very well with your space. Though, for most a single speed rack will be the most effective. It takes up less bar space, and they weigh a lot less. That’s important – you need to not only consider the weight of the rack, but also the bottles you’ll place into it. A double speed rack can save space, but it can also put a lot of weight strain on your home bar set-up.

Look for stainless steel.

Most speed racks that you’ll find online are made of stainless steel, and there’s a reason. These racks take a lot of bumps and bruises, along with a lot of liquid spills. Stainless steel takes the punishment very well – very little denting or corrosion – compared to other options. There are speed rails out there made from less sturdy metals (and even plastic). They are typically flimsy and prone to breaking compared to a stainless steel model. Plus, stainless steel just looks great behind he bar. It has both the function and the form to bring a home bar to the next level.


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