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Unbreakable Glassware: What It Is and Why You Need It


Anyone who has ever held a drink in their hand has broken a glass from time to time. When the glassware in question holds an alcoholic beverage, the odds of a mishap resulting in broken glass increases exponentially. The joy of entertaining guests is one of the greatest benefits of having a home bar, but with more people comes more opportunity for broken glassware.

Until recently, the only way to completely avoid the safety hazard and inconvenience of broken glassware was to opt for plastic cups. Unfortunately, even the nicest plastic drinkware has a tendency to both look and feel unattractive. It typically looks unprofessional too, and even a home bar should have a stylish and polished décor—including the vessels in which the drinks are served. 

The good news is that times have changed and plastic is no longer the only option that will allow you to equip your bar with safe, sturdy and long-lasting shatterproof glasses. You can now deck your bar out in unbreakable drinkware that looks every bit as classy as glass.

What is unbreakable glassware?

Also known as “shatterproof”, glassware that won’t break is not a new concept. However, traditional drinkware touting itself as “shatterproof” has been made mostly from acrylic or polymer compounds. Unfortunately, those options did not offer the same substantial feel or clarity as glass.

The latest and (in our opinion) greatest line of shatterproof glasses is made from a newly-developed copolymer called Tritan. This compound was created by Eastman Chemical in conjunction with BarLuxe specifically with better barware in mind. 

During the original test phase of Tritan, this substance was proven to be virtually unbreakable through a battery of rigorous tests. One test even involved driving a truck over the compound, so you can rest assured that your guests will not shatter, chip or scratch your unbreakable glassware.

How does it work?

Because Tritan is a proprietary substance, no significant information is available to tell the world just how it works.

That being said, the secret of its success is certainly a matter of chemistry. Like any other material, we can safely presume that the strength and durability of this compound is due to a very specific and successful arrangement of chemical bonds.

Most likely, there is also a greater number of perfectly-arranged chemical bonds present as well. In layman’s terms, this stuff is just plain awesome.

What are the benefits for a home bar?

The fact that Tritan glassware is unbreakable is an enormous benefit for the home bar. It increases safety and saves on cash. However, unbreakable glass has other benefits to offer as well.

This drinkware also has all the aesthetic appeal of glass. It has the same glossy sheen and clarity, so it will look beautiful in your bar. A wide variety of glass styles are available so that you can keep the proper equipment on hand for serving your favorite drinks.

It’s also dishwasher safe so it’s quick and easy to clean up after your guests. Unlike other drinkware that will crack, break, shatter or become hazy, Tritan glassware holds up beautifully. It even has a weightiness that makes it feel more like glass in your hand. In addition, it is BAP-free so you won’t have to worry that you might be serving toxic substances to your guests.

Whether you’re stocking an outdoor bar, looking to save money on replacements or are just plain clumsy, shatterproof glassware could be the perfect choice for your bar.

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